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Charlotte Cilio Profile - February 2024 Stable Sheet

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Charlotte Cilio stumbled upon Miner Institute through a google search after graduating from The University of Delaware where she studied animal and food science and minored in equine science and psychology. She was looking for a job in the equine industry. She applied for the yearlong internship and was accepted. She was at Miner from fall 2018 to 2019. 

Cilio grew up just outside Philadelphia in Mt Airy, PA. She recalls that around age 5 she started begging her parents for riding lessons.  

Cilio credits her internship at Miner for paving the way in her career. “Miner’s equine internship really set me up for success. I don’t think I would have had my employment opportunities if I hadn’t interned at Miner,” Cilio said. After wrapping up her internship in 2019, Cilio moved to Oregon to work at a warmblood breeding facility where she was immersed in all aspects of foaling, breeding, and young horse handling. Currently, she is back in her home state of Pennsylvania working as a Clinician Care Technician (CCT) at UPenn’s New Bolton Center.  

Cilio’s role at the New Bolton Center is like a veterinarian technician. “My day consists of providing the daily care and husbandry of our patients, aiding clinicians in standing surgeries, handling animals for different exam (including lameness and neurologic exams), helping to care for NICU foals, and handling animals that come in through our emergency services,” she said. “Every day is different and there is always something new to learn.”  

Cilio credits the horse handling skills she honed at Miner as being a “foundational strength” that she uses daily in her current job. “Being able to work calmly with a nervous horse while keeping the horse, myself, students, and clinicians safe is crucial and my main concern,” she said. “Beyond the horse handling and management skills I gained at Miner, I grew greatly in other ways – learning how to network and put myself out there, following areas of interest in the equine industry, as well as sharing knowledge with students and teaching in different settings.”  


Cilio recalls that her favorite Miner Morgan was HD Jefferson, “Tommy.” Her favorite memory was working with Tommy. “He had just started under saddle and we had been preparing for our first canter. When the moment came, he happy jumped into the canter as if he was an old school horse, calmly cantering around the ring like it was no big deal,” Cilio remembered.  


Cilio’s advice to students heading to Miner for the first time is to say yes to the opportunities that are presented. “I was so nervous about moving away from family and friends but pushed myself to say yes to things I normally would’ve been reluctant to try. The Miner community is so amazing and welcoming, and having their support meant all the difference!”  



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