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Milker - Dairy Team


Milk Harvesting

  • Bring cows from pen to milking parlor according to farm procedure.
  • Check pens and start the milking system, milk cooling, refrigeration, washing.  
  • Attach machines after appropriate udder hygiene following the standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • Prepare and apply teat disinfectant.  
  • Oversee the movement of cows to and from the milking parlor.  
  • Identify cows with clinical mastitis, teat damage, lameness and other illnesses.
  •  Follow protocols for the treatment and recording of the condition.  
  • At the completion of milking, follow the procedures for plant cleaning and the shutdown process.
  • Prepare the dairy in readiness for the next milking according to the set guidelines.
  •  Identify and correct problems in the machine function and operation as they arise.
  •  Identify and correct unsafe and unacceptable milking practices  

Skills needed:

  • Communication skills
  • Follow the  Animal welfare guidelines according to SOP.
  • Personable, Open minded
  • Basic understanding of milking procedures preferred but not necessary.  
  • Physical ability to stand for long periods of time, be on your feet for many hours
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Team worker – always willing to help and noticing when tasks need attention

Critical Points:

  • Be observant of any animal problems to report
  • Required to attend monthly meetings with Dairy Team and any other additional meetings
  • Be prepared for hours to fluctuate.
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Research Technician

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is a private, not-for-profit organization with educational, research, and demonstration facilities located in Chazy, New York. Miner Institute’s research emphasis is primarily dairy nutrition and forage quality, which are pertinent to the local economy. Ability to work with dairy cattle must be demonstrated. Computer and math skills are necessary. In addition, experience operating various pieces of farm equipment from skidsteers to tractors is preferred. Miner Institute is an equal opportunity employer.


  1. Feeding of dairy cattle  using mobile small feed mixers and updating feeding modules on a regular basis
  2. Feed sample collection and preparation for analysis
  3. Sample collection: milk, rumen, fecal, urine, behavior, etc.
  4. Data entry and summarization using software programs such as Microsoft Excel
  5. Care of dairy cattle including but not limited to: manure scraping, water bowl cleaning, and animal grooming
  6. Project planning and preparation
  7. Additional duties as assigned by the Director of Research


  1. Must have experience working with dairy cattle
  2. Must be capable of safely operating farm equipment:  skid steer and tractor experience is preferred.
  3. Must have ability to solve basic math problems
  4. Must have computer skills and ability to use Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, Excel and Word.
  5. Must have ability and willingness to adhere to stringent research protocols
  6. Must have good communication skills and interact cooperatively with coworkers
  7. Must have a valid driver’s license
  8. Flexibility to adjust to changing priorities of a research institute
  9. Ability to multi-task while being detail oriented
  10. Associates degree or bachelor’s degree is preferred with a preference for degrees in dairy or animal science
  11. Must have the ability and willingness to work independently and to work   flexible shifts including some weekends, Friday/Saturday off or Sunday/Monday off.

Position available October 1, 2021.

Please send cover letter and resume to Katie Ballard,

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Water Quality Research Technician I

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12-Month Equine Management Internship


This internship is a 12-month position for four-year graduates in equine studies. The goal of this program is to improve technical skills and knowledge of equine management to better prepare the intern for a career in the horse industry. Miner Institute is an equal opportunity employer. In accordance with federal and state law, all applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, disability, military status, domestic violence victim status, predisposing genetic characteristics, sexual orientation or any other basis protected by law.


  • Bachelor’s degree in animal or equine science.
  • Ability to work with others under supervision of the Equine Manager and Equine Program Coordinator.
  • Ability to perform a variety of tasks in stable management, breeding management and training.


  • Perform assigned duties including, but not limited to, daily care of the Morgan Horse herd and related facilities.
  • Interact as needed with Summer Experience in Equine Management students, including training and supervision.
  • Assist as needed in equine research and education projects conducted with the Miner Institute horse herd.
  • Attend equine-related seminars as work schedule permits.
  • Embrace and represent the values of Miner Institute and the “Spirit of Heart’s Delight Farm.”


  • Annual Stipend
  • Housing provided
  • Meals when cafeteria is in session
  • Health and Life Insurance based on eligibility stated in the employee handbook

For more information, contact:
Equine Manager Karen Lassell
518-846-7121, ext. 120

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Summer Experience in Agricultural Research

PAID Summer Internships

The work experience for Agricultural Research students will include learning research techniques and processes in a variety of areas including nutrient management, dairy cattle nutrition, agronomy, reproductive physiology of dairy cattle and horses, and dairy cattle behavior. Forage quality assessment procedures will be taught in Miner Institute’s Forage Laboratory. Students may also gain work experience in the dairy research facility: feeding cows for individual feed intakes, measuring in situ digestibilities in ruminally cannulated cows, milk sampling, urine/fecal sampling, blood sampling, and assessing dairy cattle behavior.


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Summer Experience in Equine Management

PAID Summer Internships

The emphasis of this program is the management of a commercial equine facility and improved horse handling and training skills. Students will learn ground training techniques including halter breaking, lungeing, longlining, and ground driving. The versatility of the Morgan and varied ages and abilities of horses at Miner Institute allow for students to experience many different disciplines to varying degrees: saddleseat, huntseat, dressage, western pleasure and driving. Students become proficient at stallion handling, semen collection, and processing as well as broodmare management.


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Summer Experience in Dairy Farm Management

PAID Summer Internships

Work Experience for Farm Management students includes milking, herd health, calves, and a variety of field work activities such as tillage, planting, and harvest. The students fit and show a string of dairy cattle at the local county fair. The Summer Experience in Farm Management introduces students to the modern farm as a business, which has as its objective the conversion of plants into milk and meat.


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Water Quality Research Technician II

The primary responsibility for this position will be to assist the Nutrient Management Researcher in maintaining several agricultural edge-of-field water quality research projects. This will involve sample collection, site maintenance, laboratory analysis, data management, and coordination of technicians and graduate students to ensure projects are managed in accordance with the research objectives. Strong communication skills are essential in order to work collaboratively with technicians and students, as well as to coordinate field activities with Miner Institute’s field crops team. There will be opportunities to assist with additional agronomic and environmental research projects, as well as provide support to undergraduate educational programs and various outreach events held throughout the year.

The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute is a private, not-for-profit organization with research, education, and demonstration facilities located in Chazy, New York. Visit for more information. Miner Institute is an equal opportunity employer.


  1. Project planning and preparation for research primarily in the areas of agronomy, soil and water quality
  2. Manage research field sites (including maintenance of monitoring and sampling equipment) and sample collection, preparation, and analysis
  3. Develop research protocols for agronomy, soil and water quality research
  4. Coordinate and manage technical staff to achieve research objectives (in collaboration with the Nutrient Management Researcher)
  5. Data entry and summarization using software programs such as Microsoft Excel
  6. Data analysis using statistical software programs
  7. Proposal and report writing
  8. Instruction and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students
  9. Additional duties as assigned by the Nutrient Management Researcher and Director of Research


  1. Must have strong oral and written communication skills and ability to interact cooperatively with coworkers
  2. Flexibility to adjust to the changing priorities of a research institute
  3. Ability to multi-task while being detail-oriented
  4. Must have the ability and motivation to work independently and to work flexible hours to accommodate research needs
  5. M.S. degree in the plant/soil sciences or environmental sciences is preferred
  6. Experience working in an agricultural setting preferred


Salary is commensurate with experience.
Miner Institute offers a generous benefits package including an employer-funded retirement plan, paid time off, health insurance and more.


Please submit the following in a single PDF file to Laura Klaiber (

  1. Cover letter describing interest and qualifications for the position
  2. Resume
  3. Contact information for three references

The position will be available immediately, but start date is negotiable and can be discussed during the interview process. Review of candidates will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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