Hearts Delight Farm Heritage Exhibit

1034 Miner Farm Road, Chazy, NY

The exhibit is a tribute to William and Alice Miner and the farm they developed and loved. It chronicles William Miner's youth and his career in the railroad industry and references the many contributions that William and Alice made to the area. The exhibit is located in Heart's Delight Farm's original storehouse, which was built in 1906.

For more information or to set up a group tour, contact Rachel Dutil at (518) 846-7121, ext. 115.

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James A. Fitzpatrick Library

596 Ridge Road, Chazy, NY

The library is located next to the Joseph C. Burke Education and Research Center. It houses approximately 5,000 books, research reports, conference proceedings and videos, as well as numerous maps and journal holdings. The library is also equipped with four networked computers, a color printer and a full-time librarian.

For more information, contact Amy Bedard at (518) 846-7121, ext. 149.

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The Joseph C. Burke Education and Research Center

586 Ridge Road, Chazy, NY

The building - dedicated in 2012 in honor of long-time trustee and chair of the board Dr. Joseph Burke - includes classrooms, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a computer lab, a forage laboratory, an environmental lab, and employee offices. It serves as the hub of education programs at Miner Institute.

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Middleton Miller Student Housing Complex

616 Ridge Road, Chazy, NY

Miner Center and the FitzPatrick Library are within short walking distance of the housing complex. The complex is a single story array of two and three person accommodations arranged in a horseshoe-shaped building. The complex also consists of a courtyard area, tennis and basketball courts. The grass courtyard has a volleyball net and BBQ grill, which provide for recreational opportunities. Free parking surrounds the entire facility.

For more information, contact Kirk Beattie at (518) 846-7121, ext. 114.

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Field Lab at Altona Flat Rock

The Flatrock watershed is a 6,800-acre sandstone pavement barren located 8 miles from Miner Institute. The watershed consists of a series of reservoirs and small streams that was once the site of a hydroelectric project by William H. Miner at the turn of the century. Presently, it is primarily used for hydrology and ecology education and research with all major reservoir inlets and outlets continuously monitored. Dotted throughout the watershed are wells that are measured for water depth to aid in defining the hydrologic cycle. A classroom located behind the main dam facilitates education and research activities in the area.

For more information, contact Steve Kramer at (518) 846-7121, ext. 127.

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Dairy Barn Classroom

84 Ayerst Lab Road, Chazy, NY

The dairy barn classroom is located just outside the milking parlor and provides a great location for groups wishing to have a combined dairy tour and presentation or lecture. The room can accomodate around 20 - 25 people and is equipped with a white board, computer, internet access, and digital projector.

For more information, contact Wanda Emerich at (518) 846-7121, ext. 117.

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