ENV 440: Agriculture & the Environment

Agriculture and the Environment is a true crossover course that combines dairy farming and operations with environmental regulations and considerations. This unique course was designed to illustrate the balance between production and protection in order for sustainable agriculture to exist. Students take part in lectures and labs in a full-day format taught by Miner Institute staff, Cornell Cooperative Extension staff, and other ag professionals. Topics include cropping, soil fertility, milk and waste production, CAFO regulations, mortality composting, and value-added farming production. The course requires students to undertake a semester-long project involving one of the many facets of modern farming, from GMOs, to biodiesel production, to antibiotic usage. The goal of this course is to educate students so they are prepared for regulatory positions with state agencies, or within the agricultural industry. This course is taught every fall as part of the suite of courses that comprise the Applied Environmental Science Program.

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