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Miner Morgan Sales List

Prices as of March 2021

Miner Institute maintains a herd of Morgan Horses as the core of the educational program. All horses owned by the Institute are donated, home bred, or the result of a donated stallion service. Our goal is to raise a few foals each year to carry the Heart's Delight Farm registered prefix of "HD." All HD-prefixed horses are NYSMHS Futurity Nominated or Alumnae. As well as our own horses, we maintain free leases on breeding stock to continue to improve the bloodlines and quality in our herd. There is usually a selection of horses to choose from for sale.

For more information, contact Karen Lassell at or call 518-846-7121, ext. 120. Prices are subject to change.

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HD Seneca

(Canon x UVM Loyalty) (2019)

In honor of the 100th anniversary of women being granted the right to vote, it only seemed proper to name our only foal of 2019 for that birthplace, Seneca Falls, NY and one of the leaders of the suffrage movement, Susan B. Anthony. Suzy is sweet, correct and classic Morgan in looks and has a pedigree that could easily be the next “Blue Hen” mare for your breeding program.

Sale Price: $7,500

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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Providence

(Privilege x UVM Kimberly) (2018)

Named at conception, this dark bay colt is everything you’d imagine that a name meaning “the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power” to be. Refined, yet strong and elegant, but masculine, “Vinny” is a cross we’ve been waiting a long time for and he’s a horse for the future.

Sale Price: $16,000

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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Burke

(Canon x UVM Loyalty) (2018)

“Joey” was named for both a lovely village not too far from Chazy, but also for Dr. Joseph Burke, longtime chair of the board of trustees of Miner Institute. We waited a long time for the right colt to bear the name and this bay gelding owns his role. A large gelding with a big trot, he’s proving once again that Canon is a sire that’s going to put a mark on the breed. His dam, a product of the golden government cross of UVM Lash and UVM Mystic has brought a powerhouse of blood to this sweet tempered gelding. Sport horse prospect that’s amateur-friendly and easy on the eyes all in one fancy package.

Sale Price: $12,000

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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Freedom

(Privilege x UVM Loyalty) (2017)

A great-minded gelding, “Nugget” showed beautifully in the weanling sweeps at the NY Morgan show in 2017 and has a head start in training as he’s lungeing well in a bitting rig. Athletic enough to go in any direction his future owner wants to take him! NYSMHS 4-year-old sweepstakes performance class eligible!

Sale Price: $12,000

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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Waverly

(Townshend Rob The Wave x Sugarlane Dominique) (2017)

Waverly’s a tall, flashy filly and everything you’d expect from the crossing of two great breeding programs; Townshend Morgans and Courage of Equinox. Show her now and lend some power to a breeding program in the future- that is, if we don’t keep her for ourselves!

Sale Price: $8500

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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Springfield

(UVM Springfield x Stonecroft Deuces Wild) (2016)

A rich dark bay with no white, “Monty” had to wait a little longer to be named than the other yearlings ... The Springfield part of his heritage carries a lot of weight, but this young gelding is worthy! Kind, thoughtful, correct and all-Morgan in looks, Monty could go in any direction you’d like. A great athlete that is built to last, Monty will be a true life partner. Well-started in lines.


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Photo by Christopher Crosby Morris
HD Jefferson

(Democracy x Spring’s National Velvet) (2014)

A handsome, sensitive and smart dark bay gelding, “Tommy” is correct and willing to please. His pedigree boasts a “who’s who” of Morgan Horses- from the solid government blood at UVM, to the best of Waseeka’s In Command, he’s got a foundation built on good history. He lunges and longlines well and has been backed.


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HD Philadelphia

(UVM Equity x UVM Valkyrie) (2004)

Beautiful chocolate chestnut pony mare. Cute face with alert expression and tippy ears. Bold in attitude, “Pixie” excels as a sport horse in a pony size! She's got blues from the county fair to an A-rated Morgan show, in hunter pleasure, Training Level dressage and Combined Driving. She loves the trails and jumps too. Good things come in this all-around package!

Sale Price: $15,000

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Sugarlane Dominique

(Courage of Equinox x Sugarlane Masquerade)

A 2001 broodmare extraordinaire! She’s produced many foals for us by several different stallions and is currently bred to Privilege for an early July 2019 foal. Easy breeder, excellent mother and nice to be around, but “Nique” is the low mare on the totem pole in our herd-style of management. While she does just fine and we look out for her carefully, she would likely appreciate being part of a smaller barn. She’s offered for sale reluctantly since we just love her babies and the current in utero foal is much anticipated! Nique was born the year that Courage died and although he’s still available through frozen semen, daughters of this great stallion are getting harder to come by. $3000 this fall and you can get to know her over the winter while you prep for the new foal!

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HD Rochester

"HD Rochester stole my heart from the first video to the minute I saw him. He was sweet chunky athletic and kind. All the horses were beautiful and very well handled and cared for. Karen's description of Rochester was spot on -- something you don't often find true. He was a joy for the trainer to back and a joy for me to continue his Dressage training. Very athletic loves to try things and is always available for hugs! Love him!" - Cyndy Mulligan

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