Semester-Long Programs

Advanced Dairy Management

This intensive residential program is an applied series of courses in dairy farm management that includes general farm management; animal, feed and waste facility design and management; feeding and breeding management; milk quality; use of on-farm records and business management.

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Applied Environmental Science Program

Featuring courses taught on a full-day basis, the AESP allows integration of theory developed in lectures with hands-on experience in indoor and outdoor labs dealing with soil, water, forestry, and the agricultural environment interface. Students utilize the computer and chemical laboratory facilities at Miner Institute, as well as the neighboring Adirondacks, to collect and analyze samples and integrate the information into polished reports. Students also utilize hydrological and meteorological equipment to enhance undergraduate teaching and research experiences.

Stephen S. Flanagan, Frances B. Flanagan, and Stephen F. Flanagan Scholarship

An unexpected donation from the late Stephen Flanagan has provided $1.3 million to support Miner Institute’s education programs.  The donation established a scholarship fund that will support two students enrolled in Miner Institute education programs each year. The scholarships will be named after Mr. Flanagan and his parents, Stephen S. Flanagan and Frances B. Flanagan.

Stephen Flanagan was a lifelong farmer who owned and operated Sunshine Dairy Farm until 1972 and thereafter continued to raise beef cattle on his Rugar Street Farm in Plattsburgh. He was also influential in the creation of the Antique Farm and Home Museum at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. Mr. Flanagan wanted to ensure that deserving young people would have an opportunity to study the science of food production and enjoy farming as much as he had. Mr. Flanagan passed away in November 2014 at the age of 86.

Dairy Intern Nicole Stover, left, and Graduate Student Taylor Turney are the 2022-2023 Flanagan Scholarship recipients.

Taylor is from Fresno, CA. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Fresno State University. Taylor is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Vermont in ruminant nutrition. Her studies will be supported and directed by Miner Institute.  Nicole is from Medway, MA. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire. Nicole is the yearlong dairy management intern at Miner Institute and hopes to pursue a career in either farm management or extension. She is particularly interested in animal welfare.

“With their plans to work in the dairy industry, Nicole and Taylor are exactly the sort of students and future industry leaders that Mr. Flanagan envisioned when he made this generous scholarship available to students at Miner Institute,” said Dr. Rick Grant, president of Miner Institute.

Burke Internship 

This internship is financially supported through a scholarship fund established in 2018 to honor the late Dr. Joseph Burke who served as chair of Miner Institute’s board of trustees for 30 years, and his wife Joan T. Burke who served as chair of The Alice T. Miner Museum for nearly 20 years.  Both Dr. and Mrs. Burke were passionate about preserving the legacy of William and Alice Miner and carrying on their tradition of philanthropy in the North Country. 

The Burke Intern will work either with Miner Institute or The Alice T. Miner Museum or split time between both organizations. 

Interns will work independently and within a small team at The Alice and the Institute to organize and promote community events and/or projects that help to preserve historical objects relevant to the Miners and/or help to plan and organize new exhibits for The Heart’s Delight Farm Heritage Exhibit or The Alice T. Miner Museum. 

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Summer Experience Internship Opportunities

Summer Experience in Farm Management

Farm Management students at the Miner Institute dairy farm become experienced at milking, herd health, calves, and a variety of field work activities such as tillage, planting, and harvesting. The students fit and show a string of dairy cattle at the local county fair. The Summer Experience in Farm Management introduces students to the modern farm as a business, which has as its objective the conversion of plants into milk and meat.

Applications due Feb. 15

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Summer Experience in Equine Management

The emphasis of this program is the management of a commercial equine facility and improved horse handling and training skills. Students will learn ground training techniques including halter breaking, lungeing, longlining, and ground driving. The versatility of the Morgan and varied ages and abilities of horses at Miner Institute allow for students to experience many different disciplines to varying degrees. Students will have an opportunity to participate in other operations including milking, pasture management, and a variety of field work activities.

Applications are due Feb. 15

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Summer Experience in Agricultural Research

The Summer Experience in Agricultural Research is a great opportunity for students interested in careers in veterinary medicine and graduate school; they will find this program useful in preparing for academic and career opportunities in the agricultural research field.

Applications are due Feb. 15

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