Student Housing

Miner Center and the FitzPatrick Library are within a short walking distance of the housing complex. The complex is a single story array of two- and three-person accommodations arranged in a horseshoe-shaped building. The complex also consists of a courtyard area, tennis and basketball courts. The grass courtyard has a volleyball net and BBQ grill, which provide for recreational opportunities. Free parking surrounds the entire facility.

The two- and three-person suites have spacious rooms with ample closet space, four-drawer dressers, beds, an updated private bathroom, kitchenettes, lounge chairs, and student work areas. The kitchenettes include a full-size refrigerator, microwave, sink and cooktop. An oven is located in the student lounge for community use. The individual student work areas include a desk with two drawers and have outlets, phone connections, and network connections, which are ideal for students with personal computers. Students have access to high-speed DSL internet access for their work area at no additional cost.

A student lounge is located in the center of the housing complex. The main room has a pool table, ping pong, and Fooz Ball, along with a TV and DVD/VCR player for recreational activities. A fitness center has various exercise machines, including a treadmill, an elliptical machine, and weight bench system. In the basement of the student lounge is a laundry facility with several “no cost” washers and dryers.

For more information, including rates and availability, contact Kirk Beattie at (518) 846-7121, ext. 114.

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"I found living in Chazy at the Miner Center to be a great experience. The landscape in and around Miner is sprawling and pastoral in nature, which makes for great star gazing, watching sunsets, and eyeing storms rolling in. The farm is a beautiful place to take a walk or run; accented by long rows of white split rail fences with horses grazing in the pastures. The apartments are spacious and in good condition, equipped with a full bath, full kitchen, and lots of natural light. The meals offered by the Miner Center were nearly as good as my Mom's, which is hard to do, and a welcomed treat after a long day in the field. And the company - Miner's staff, the students, and instructors - were always great. There is something special about Miner that spurs a strong comradery amongst everyone."

- Joe Thouin, Environmental Program Specialist 1, NYS Adirondack Park Agency