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Resealing Bunker Floors an Important Maintenace Practice

We recently re-sealed the asphalt on our bunker floors.  This is a process we aim to do every 3-5 years; it is an important step for maintaining our bunker silos.

The process is the same as having your driveway sealed and is done by the same professionals; it only works on asphalt surfaces. We do it during the spring, when the bunker is empty. The bunker is swept and blown out to ensure that the floor is as clean as possible. Then the cracks are filled and that sets for about 24 hours. The sealer is then sprayed over the entire bunk floor. The products used are environmentally friendly and safe for animals.

When the asphalt cracks, water comes up from the floor of the bunker and spoils the bottom layers of feed. The sealing prevents this from happening and preserves feed quality.  The entire process takes about two days and requires dry weather but is a worthwhile investment for forage quality and bunker longevity.

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