News & Events

CV-TEC Students Tasked with Sweet Assignment: Making Maple Syrup (03/2018)

Miner Electricity to Chazy (10/2017)

Forgotten Farms on Mountain Lake Journal (10/2017)

Philanthropist William Miner Powered the North Country (07/2017)

First Flanagan scholarship recipients (03/2017)

Heart's Delight on Mountain Lake Journal (11/2016)

CVPH Pays Homage to its History (10/2016)

Miner Institute gets big grant for Cow Research (09/2016)

A North Country Horatio Alger Story (09/2016)

Blood Ties Between City of Lakes, Lake City (08/2016)

First Class Chosen for CVPH Family Medicine Residency Program (05/2016)

New technology to help farmers test milk (02/2016)

Ahead of New Rules, Environmental Groups Seek to Halt New Tile Drainage System (02/2016)

$1.3 Million Bequest Goes to Miner Institute (01/2016)

Corn Congress is February 4, 2016!

Miner Institute on the Adirondack Coast (10/2015)

Tile Drainage Makes Positive Difference (09/2015)

Miner Institute's President earns Dairy Award (09/2015)

Spoiled Cows but not Milk: Miner Institute Shares Modern Dairy Farming Practices (09/2015)

In My Opinion: City Council Action Based on Inaccurate Information (08/2015)

VT Farms Invest in Tile Drainage to Boost Crops (08/2015)

Miner Institute & UVM: Animal Science Ed on Across the Fence (05/2015)

Belmont Stakes Party: Miner Institute to host party in historic barn (05/2015)

10 Sites to Visit for their History and Views (04/2015)

Remembering James Dean Wilson: Strides for James raises funds for CCC scholarship fund (04/2015)

Miner Institute to Host NY Agri-Women (03/2015)

United Way Nearing Campaign Conclusion(02/2015)

Research Identifies Economical Corn Substitutes for Dairy Diets (09/2014)

Fundamentals of uNDF and iNDF (09/2014)

Digging up Tile Drainage Roots: 179 Years and Flowing (08/2014)

Farmer Friday: The William H Miner Agricultural Research Institute

Miner Institute Extended Roundtable (05/2014)

Miner Institute to Launch New Speaker Series (05/2014)

Soil Health: What the Soil Test Doesn't Tell You (05/2014)

Strides for James fun runs to benefit CCC scholarship (05/2014)

Miner Institute gets grant to study drainage (01/2014)

5 Lessons the Cows Will Teach You (11/2013)

Students Take Dairy Challenge (11/2013)

New York's Adirondack Coast (10/2013)

Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces Forage Center of Excellence (09/2013)

Letter to Editor: Miner Open House (09/2013)

Accounting for all Forms of Phosphorus (08/2013)

Are Tile Drains Bad for Lake Champlain? (08/2013)

Agricultural Research Center Holds Open House (08/2013)

Miner Institute Open House 8-10-13 (08/2013)

Local Vacation Ideas Explored (08/2013)

Editorial: Local Landmark Welcomes Visitors (07/2013)

NNYADP Funding Tile Drainage Research (06/2013)

Excessive Rain Impacting Farm and Garden Crops (06/2013)

Rite of Passage for Fifth Graders (06/2013)

Students get hands-on at Miner Farm (06/2013)

Desk Staff Can Promote Area Attractions (06/2013)

Letter to Editor: Derby Party (05/2013)

Destination Master Plan Progress Touted (04/2013)

Miner Institute, PSU Celebrate 40 Years of Joint Program (12/2012)

Miner Institute Honors Long-time Chair (10/2012)

Got an App for That? Using an iPhone for Flying Squirrel Research (08/2012)

Horses, Historic Barn Saved From Fire (4/2012)

Farmers Welcome Higher Milk Prices (01/2012)

Miner Institute Outlines Five-Year Strategic Plan (12/2011)

Unique Ecosystem Teaches Forestry Lessons (10/2011)

In My Opinion: Thinking Beyond our Borders (10/2011)

In Acclaim of William H. Miner (08/2011)

Letter to the Editor: Farming, Economy (07/2011)

Editorial: Showing off Area's Culture (06/2011)

Farmers Try to Plant Between the Raindrops (05/2011)

The Miner Agricultural Research Institute: Grooming Tomorrow's Farmers and Scientists (06/2010)

Learning the Ins and Outs of Agriculture (06/2010)

Northern NY Collaboration Enhancing On-Farm Water Quality Control (04/2010)

Farmers Face Another Survival Decision (02/2010)

Dairy Farm Wrong Besmirched on TV Segment (02/2010)

William H. Miner: Self-Made Man (01/2010)

New Biography Sheds Light on William Miner (12/2009)

Passing on the Pasture (12/2009)

Photos from Lost Negatives Fill in Miner History (08/2009)

Miner Heritage: Public Gets Taste of Institute's Rich History During Open House (08/2009)

Editorial: Open House Shows Interest in Miner Institute (07/2009)

CVPH Celebrates William Miner Legacy (07/2009)

Historic Landmark May be Saved (09/2008)

Storm Rips Through Chazy (07/2008)