Jared Ashline, Maintenance, ext 131

Katie Ballard, Director of Research, ext 112

Kirk Beattie, V.P. of Administration & Finance, ext 114

Shawn Bechard, Crops Supervisor, ext 107

Amy Bedard, Librarian, ext 149

Danny Belrose, Maintenance, ext 131

David Boulerice, Custodial/Maintenance, ext 131

Cafeteria, ext 125

Maggie Carter, Research Technician, ext 163

Shaun Castine, Research, ext 124

BethAnn Buskey, Calf Supervisor, ext 133

Steve Couture, Dairy Farm Manager, ext 133

Heather Dann, Research Scientist, ext 119

Jeff Darrah, Research Technician, ext 136

Rachel Dutil, Public Relations Coordinator, ext 115

Wanda Emerich, Dairy Outreach Coordinator, ext 117

Emily Fread, graduate student, ext. 145

Heather Gauthier, Research, ext 153

Mark Gonyo, Maintenance, ext 131

Rick Grant, President, ext 116

Jered Green, Research, ext 161

Mark Haney, Research, ext. 152

Kelsey Hefter, Research Intern, ext. 122

Jack Heikens, Research, ext. 134

Kristup Kalvaitis, Dairy, ext 133

Laura Klaiber, Nutrient Management Researcher, ext 113

Lisa Klaiber, Research Technician/Feed Manager, ext 147

Steve Kramer, Environmental Programs, ext 127

Adam LaCount, Maintenance, ext 131

Hope LaForest, Cafeteria/Housekeeping, ext 125

Karen Lassell, Equine Manager, ext 120

Mike Lemza, Director of Physical Plant, ext. 131

Henry Meseck, Crop Technician, ext 133

Laurie Miller, Accounting Clerk, ext 111

Michelle Miller, Cafeteria Manager, ext. 125

Gary Morrison, Custodial/Maintenance, ext 131

Sarah Morrison, Research Scientist, ext. 105

Sheila Mousseau, Research, ext. 124

Alex Pape, Data Analyst, ext. 126

Cari Reynolds, graduate student, ext. 145

Kevin Tobey, DVM, Herd Health Manager, ext. 108

Allen Wilder, Forage Agronomist, ext. 144

Emily Youngmark, Research Intern, ext. 150