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The Z-Box is a particle separation device to determine the physical effectiveness factor (pef) of a forage or TMR using an “as fed” sample on farm. In conjunction with the sample NDF, peNDF can be determined through the equation pef x NDF = peNDF.

peNDF is an important means for monitoring effective fiber in dairy rations to ensure rumen health. Traditionally pef has been determined by sieving a dry sample with vertical motion using a Tyler RoTap shaker device.

The Z-Box particle separator was developed in cooperation with ZEN-NOH, Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations.





$250.00 (US funds)

Price includes:

  • 1 Z-Box particle box separator
  • 1 3.18 mm stainless steel screen for CS and TMR’s
  • 1 4.76 mm stainless steel screen for HCS

Accessories needed, but not included:

  • Container for mixing sample
  • Electronic scale capable of weighing XXXXX
  • Ruler for quad ranting sample
  • 1 cup measuring cup or similar 1 cup measure
  • 1” paintbrush to clean Z-Box

Ordering Information

To order a Z-Box particle separator, please contact Kurt Cotanch by calling 518-846-7121, ext. 123.